GUEST POST: a look into the world of foraging with food blogger, Beth Marsh

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The Sauce

The Art of Gluttony: Beth Marsh (Photo: Beth Marsh) The Art of Gluttony: Beth Marsh (Photo: Beth Marsh)

23-year-old up-and-coming food blogger, Beth Marsh, shares a little romantic delve into the ancient world of foraging, her tips for success in the pastime and her views on what is ethically central to Britain at the moment.

What could be more source to spoon?

Foraging (Photo: Peter Trimming) Foraging (Photo: Peter Trimming)

It seems of late that the glossy pages of our most loved magazines are particularly intent on emphasising the importance of growing and eating organic, ethically sourced foods. And rightly so. We are no longer satisfied with simply buying our food and eating it; we need to know where it was grown, how it was grown…hell, we even like to know who grew it!

Many of us have even tried growing it ourselves; I don’t think Britain has ever been so green fingered! And now the latest trend to hit homes and…

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