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Hello friendly visitors!

I am a Yorkshire based, twenty-something year old English literature graduate, with a love for all things food. Oh, yeah, and I’m a proud glutton!

For me gluttony does not stand out as an overtly sinful word. It seems to have lost all religious resonance, all sense of cardinal over-indulgence has melted away like velvety ripples of chocolate. I personally do not view indulgence, or over-indulgence for that matter, as a sin, as there can be no crime in appreciating food, whatever form it may come in. Heck, there is no shame in it! The annual autumn harvest is a season underpinned by excess, it basically demands to be enjoyed in all its glorious wealth, and we do so, year in and year out. Ignoring the fact that I’ve already mentioned chocolate, I do not view indulgence as an unhealthy obsession, as a calorific over-consumption. In fact I am happily and unhealthily obsessed with food in all forms. It’s about valuing and cherishing the versatility of the food we have at our fingertips.

Rant over.

My relationship with food is a long-standing one. It’s the longest, most complicated and most demanding relationship I’ve ever been in. In all honesty, I don’t know why I haven’t started a blog sooner. But I was born into the blogging world this summer; I started a travel and teaching blog while I worked as a teaching assistant in a college in Bangkok, Thailand (intrigued? well take a look… http://thaimtoteach.wordpress.com/). A food blog has been on my mind ever since.

Baking is a particular passion of mine, one which dominates and demands the majority of my spare time. But I am also a keen cook, and currently working for a catering company to enhance said cooking skills. I would say my one true love in the kitchen is for macarons. They just make me swoon!! Anyone who knows me will know of my obsession.

If I’m not in the kitchen faffing over my macaronage technique, you’ll find me drooling over amazing Instagram foodie accounts. That pretty much sums up my life at the minute.

Enjoy the blog!!

Beth x

…Oh, and here’s a face to put to the name!

Cooking Pad Thai in Bangkok...

Cooking Pad Thai in Bangkok…