Nana’s Gingerbread

I recently visited my grandparents house, a little cottage now occupied by my uncle and his cocker-spaniel. Despite the fact that both my grandparents have passed away, the house will forever be named ‘nan… Continue reading

Wild Mushroom and Ricotta Ravioli with Basil and Brazil Nut Pesto

So I’m on with a little pasta experimentation again, and the possibilities really are endless. So many shapes, flavours, sauces, fillings. It’s difficult to know where to begin! I feel like, after a… Continue reading

High-Fibre Blueberry Breakfast Muffins

If you’ve read my previous post then you will know that I recently tried one of Pret A Manger’s breakfast muffins. Of course it was delicious- everything from Pret is! But I had a… Continue reading

A Food-Orientated Family Gathering

One of the main reasons why I love to cook, to eat, to talk about food, is because of the way it brings people together. Yes, I realise that this is a rather… Continue reading

A Night in Persia: Sabrina Ghayour’s Aubergine Chermoula and Naan Barbari

  Since Christmas I’ve been chatting quite a lot about Ottolenghi’s Plenty More, featuring the odd recipe and praising his passion for the vegetable renaissance- and with reason, it is sheer genius! While… Continue reading

Simple Baked Eggs

I always think Sundays are made for delicious brunches. Especially during this time of year, where all you want to do is curl up with a book by the fire. It doesn’t necessarily… Continue reading

Pappardelle with Roasted Tomatoes, Peppers and Fresh Basil Oil

The weather has been rather miserable this weekend, and so I have naturally decided to hibernate. The little dusting of snow we are getting is just enough to keep by the warmth of… Continue reading

Spiralized Stir Fry with Prawn and Mushroom

Since receiving my spiralizer in the post I’ve been like an excited kid with a new toy. Showing it off to my boss, family and friends, finding excuses (not that I need any… Continue reading

Courgette, Mint and Feta Salad

I decided, rather belatedly, that I would make myself a New Year’s resolution. I know it kinda doesn’t count when you decide to take it seriously in the middle of January, but I do… Continue reading

Ottolenghi’s Lemon and Walnut Fettuccine

Ottolenghi’s latest cookbook, Plenty More, was at the top of my Christmas list this year. As soon as I made it through the wrapping paper I set myself up for a good half hour of… Continue reading